JUMP into STEM is an online competition designed to motivate student engagement, especially among minority and female students, in STEM field research and innovation.

We encourage all interested students to closely review the Terms & Conditions, Rules document, and Submission Requirements.

Is your professor including JUMP into STEM in their class this fall? Great!

Many professors have partnered with JUMP into STEM to incorporate JUMP into STEM challenges into course work! Your professor will be a great resource throughout this competition.

Are you interested in participating in JUMP into STEM but are not in a class including JUMP into STEM in this fall?

You are still welcome to create a team and compete in the JUMP into STEM competition! We do encourage you to find a faculty advisor for your JUMP into STEM project, but this is not a requirement.

Questions about deadlines?

View the Schedule.

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Questions about the rules and scoring?

Here is the JUMP into STEM Rules Document, including the grading rubrics for the challenges and final competition.

Questions about submitting your idea?

Please watch our “How to Create a Good Submission” webinar below!